Friday, February 4, 2011

Ravens Look Ahead to the Off-Season

Well three weeks into the Baltimore Ravens off-season we have already seen a few signings and changes. I would still like to see the ravens go out and sign a big name player but first we need to take care of a few free agents like Haloti Ngata, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Jared Gaither and Josh Wilson. These guys need a contract and will most likely get one with the play they had in the 2010 season excluding Jared Gaither. Haloti Ngata will get the big deal because he showed yet again he's the best all around DT in the game. Le'Ron mcClain is an unrestricted free agent. I would not mind letting him go. McClain isn't the best blocker or runner. He only gained stardom was because the Ravens signed FB Lorenzo Neil on 08 and McClain was running behind a monster of a man. I'd like the Ravens to sign Vonta leach but that won't happen since he led the way for the leagues top RB in 2010 Arian Foster.

For the defense I'd like to see Baltimore take a shot at Nnamdi Asomugha. Asomugha had his contract voided by the Raiders in January and I'd love for him to come to Baltimore to be the number one CB in front of Josh Wilson and Ladrius Webb. Asomugha is a bump and run type of Corner. He also adds height and length when the ball comes his way, something the Ravens need with their smaller CB's. The Ravens also need a quick rusher off the edge opposite of Terrell Suggs. Baltimore doesn't have a DE that can disrupt an offensive line when Suggs drops back into coverage.

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