Friday, January 21, 2011

Up And Coming Offensive Players In the NFL


Matt Ryan - As you may already know Matt Ryan is close to being an elite QB in this league.  He has that swagger that everyone talks about, he has the composer, he has all the intangibles to lead his team into the playoffs (oh ya, he already did).  He has only lost 3 games at home as a starter.  He only had 9 interceptions against his 28 TDs.  He will be an elite QB, and it might start next season.

Running Backs:

 LeSean McCoy - McCoy didn't have the best of seasons in 2009, partly because he was a rookie.  This season McCoy had a break out season of sorts. He averaged about 111 all-purpose yards a game. He was probably the reason why the Eagles were better than expected, right next to Vick.  With the off season for the Eagles, he will be able to come back better, stronger, and have more elusiveness.

Arian Foster - Foster led the NFL in rushing yards in only his second season, that's pretty good.  He compiled over 1,600 rushing yards and ultimately making him a pro-bowler.  He came out of the gate with a huge game against the Colts, where he rushed for over 200 yards.  He is very similar to McCoy, in the fact that he is an all-purpose running back, but better.

Wide Receivers:

Mike Williams - I usually don't like to call players up-coming in their first year, but I am with Mike Williams(TB).  He almost didn't even seem to look like a rookie.  He looked like player that had been in the league a couple of years.  He was second in receptions in Tampa Bay only behind Kellen Winslow and first in receiving yards this season and probably will lead in both categories on the team next year.

Stevie Johnson - If there were any bright spots in the Bills organization, it was Steve Johnson. He led Buffalo in receptions and receiving yards and it wasn't even close.  He had over 1,000 receiving yards and 82 receptions.  He had 10 receiving touchdowns.  He was clearly Ryan Fitzpatrick's favorite target, and would be a young QB favorite target as well  if the Bills decide to draft one.

Tight Ends;

Brandon Pettigrew - At the beginning of the season Pettigrew was not a big factor in the Lions offense, but during the middle and end of the season he was a big force.  He ended up being second on the Lions in receptions, only 6 receptions behind C. Johnson's 77.  He had 772 yards receiving, also second on team behind C. Johnson in that category.  He will be the main reason why the Lions will actually be good next year.  The Lions will be my sleeper/surprise team next season.

 Jacob Tamme - Out went Dallas Clark in came someone just as good.  Jacob Tamme has size and sure hands.  He stepped in for the injured Dallas Clark and it almost didn't faze the Colts in the tight end position.  He had 67 receptions and 631 receiving yards this season.  Whether he is still with the colts next season is to be unknown.  In my opinion he probably will be traded to a team like the Arizona Cardinals.  If the Cardinals get a franchise QB Tamme would be a nice toy for the new QB to use.

Next week I will have the up and coming defensive players, then the week after that I'll have Special Teams

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  1. I must say that I don't agree with the sentiment that Matt Ryan is close to being elite. He puts up very good stats, but he has yet to win a playoff game. Certainly some blame can be put on the defense and the coaching staff, but at the end of the day quarterbacks are judged on wins when it counts the most. He hasn't gotten it done yet. I would look at Aaron Rodgers and even Jay Cutler as the premier up-and-comers in the league. They've both been around for a few years, but Rodgers is getting it done in the playoffs and Jay Cutler has put together his best season yet.