Monday, February 14, 2011

The Bears Draft Needs

We all know that this season did not go as planned, because we ended up losing to the last team we ever wanted to lose to in the NFC Championship game. There were many reasons that we lost, one of the most important was that parts of our team needed major improvement.
The first thing, in my opinion, is that we need a wide receiver that is physical and tall so that Cutler has somebody to throw it up to if he has no better option. Don't get me wrong, I love Knox and he is a great receiver, but he doesn't fight for the ball at all. He has great speed and can catch well, but he doesn't get physical with the cornerback to fight for the ball. This is a must, our offense is struggling without it.
Another thing that we need is offensive linemen. Some people argue that this is more important than receivers and I see their point, but if you have that receiver the offensive line can remain bad, you need that receiver no matter what. Offensive linemen is my number two need for the Bears. The offensive line this year was putrid, especially in the Giants game. Cutler got sacked so many times. I think I saw him on the ground more than I saw him make a good pass to a receiver. They were terrible in that game. After the bye, they got better, but in certain games you could see that they still needed a leader and somebody who was a little bit better. By drafting a linemen they are saying that they want this guy and Jay Cutler to work together for years and become great teammates. That relationship will be important, so you have to find someone who will respect Jay and who has talent. I don't think Jerry Angelo will have a problem with that.
The final need is cornerbacks. I like peanut and bowman, but they aren't as good as they once were. I'm not saying that we should get rid of Tillman and Bowman, but we should draft a new guy, just so that we have a security blanket. This isn't a huge need, but basically all the Bears need is a wide receiver and some offensive linemen.

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