Monday, April 25, 2011

Next Year

The lockout was just ended by a judge. This doesn't guarantee that football will be back in full swing soon, but it is a good sign. Now the NFL has me excited for next season, so I'm going to do a little preview of what might go down at Hallas hall.

The first thing is that they are still upset about everything that happened in that NFC Championship game. Urlacher was extremely mad after the game, and I guarantee that he is going to come into this season hitting and hitting hard especially against the Packers. Jay Cutler was ridiculed and you can read more about that on some of my other Around Pro Football posts like the Bears hate post or the I Support Jay Cutler post. The Bears have received a lot of hate for what they did last year and I think that is going to fuel them this coming year.

I think Matt Forte is going to do really good things this year. Last year he was good and a lot better than the year before, but I still think he can play a lot better than he has shown lately. His rookie season proves how good he CAN be, if he tries hard enough. I think he will try hard this offseason and get a lot better and perform better and help balance this team out. The run game is very important for the Bears, and he is leading that running game. If he has a great season, it will change the whole outcome of the season for the team.

Jay Cutler is going to be fueled by the hate on him, and is going to work hard. I have no doubt that he will work hard and try to improve his footwork and other skills during the off season. When he heads to training camp all of his personal issues will be over and he will just be working on timing with his receivers. He will no doubt be a lot better this year than he was last year.

The offensive line will get a boost from the draft which starts this Thursday. Draft news is always available on ESPN Chicago but I didn't feel like overloading this site with draft information. With the offensive line being better, the Bears and Jay Cutler will be a lot better.

The defense doesn't need much work, but the little work needed will be taken care of in the draft. The defense has always been the strong point of Bears teams and this year it looks like that trend will continue. The core guys are coming back and I think Corey Wooton, the rookie who knocked Favre out, will be a lot better and improve his game a lot this off season.

Overall the Bears will have an equally great, if not better season next year.

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