Friday, April 29, 2011

First Round Draft Pick...Approved.

As the Bears turn was approaching, I was looking at possible offensive line guys for the Bears to take. I was also looking at twitter and the guy that seemed to be wanted the most was Gabe Carimi. After looking him up, I joined in on the beg for Carimi tweets. When the Bears announced they would draft him, I was immediately happy. The best part was Jay Cutler's fiance Kristen Cavallari tweeting that she was happy the Bears drafted an offensive lineman. She doesn't want her man to be hurt like he was this past season, and I find it really funny that she actually tweeted it.

Onto a more serious note, I really like what this kid has done. He is a great pass and run blocker. Today, the offensive line coach for the Bears, Mike Tice, said that Carimi would stay at tackle and would not be moved the the guard position which they also need to fill. The Bears would have liked to take a guard, but finding this kind of talent with the pick they had was too much to pass up and we also needed a tackle. In my opinion, this was a great pick and will play out well for the Bears in the future.

On a side note, when the Lions picked Fairley I almost peed my pants and I'm almost certain that Jay Cutler DID pee his pants. Having Fairley and Suh on the same defensive line is going to be a tough challenge for this growing offensive line. I hope Jay Cutler doesn't die the first time we play the Lions.

Bears YouTube Video Of the Day
The embed codes won't work, so no video for today. I had a good one too.

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