Monday, March 14, 2011

Bears Hate

As a HUGE Bears fan I can admit that I didn't think the Bears would be the #2 seed in the NFC and did not think they would make it to the NFC Championship game at the beginning of the year. If you say you did, you are most likely lying, or you were major drinking the kool-aid. This year surprised me, but at least I wasn't one of the haters that didn't think the Bears deserved anything all year. I know they deserved everything they got, because they won. Winning is all that matters, if you don't win you don't have a good record if you do, then you will be in the playoffs it doesn't matter how you win. The Bears faced a lot of hate this past year and that is what fueled them the whole year, the more that "experts" said they couldn't play with top teams the better they played.
The specific hate that I want to address is the hate on Jay Cutler when he tore his MCL. I have torn a ligament in my knee and it hurts incredibly bad. I did try to continue playing basketball on that knee and almost made the injury worse. If Jay Cutler would have gone out there and maybe not even won the game he could have ended his career. It is ridiculous to expect him to be out there with a torn ligament.
That is what Maurice Jones Drew was doing while he tweeted about Jay Cutler. I would like to see him running the ball with a torn ligament. Good luck, ever seen Friday Night Lights? Boobie Miles tears a ligament, then tries to go out there too early and ruins his future. I don't want that happening to Jay Cutler. Maurice Jones Drew can go back to sitting in his house waiting for next season, and who knows maybe once they will be able to top the Mannings, I mean Colts.
The other two people that have put the most hate on Jay Cutler would be Trent Dilfer and Tim Hasselback. All year long they were saying bad things about Jay Cutler. Also going on all year long, Jay Cutler was becoming a smarter and better QB. I hope Cutler works out a lot this offseason and works on his footwork and all around game and whenever football is played next Jay Cutler shows them what he is made of and they will be left eating their words. Jay Cutler has unlimited potential, if he taps into that potential its gonna leave those "experts" shocked.

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