Monday, April 4, 2011

I Support Jay Cutler

Since there is a lockout and the Bears draft options aren't very exciting I thought I would talk about Jay Cutler. He received a ton of hate during the NFC Championship game which is totally unnecessary. A torn ligament in a knee is legit, I would know. I tore my MCL in high school and too be able to not be screaming in pain the whole game it shows how tough he is. The pain is constant and terrible. Yes, they would have a lot of pain killers available for him, but it was a better choice to just put Hanie out there and hope for the best. This isn't the last year we want to use Jay Cutler, we want him for a long time so playing him there would have been a stupid mistake even if Cutler wanted to play.

I think this adversity will make Cutler stronger. He is a guy who needs a lot of motivation to work on his game, this could be the great motivator that all Bears fans have been hoping will happen. I know that Bears haters say that Bears fans themselves were burning his jersey, but those aren't real fans. Real fans who know the game know that him not playing didn't make a huge difference and that we still need him in the future. I plan on going to training camp and hope to see him out there with better footwork and that he will be on page better with his receivers.

I was entertained by the fact that some Bears fans wanted to see what Hanie could do in that starting role. If Jay Cutler never works out, I think Hanie might be the next good quarterback for Chicago. I don't think he is ready yet, though. The way he played reminded me of the National Championship game last year. Colt McCoy went out and Garret Gilbert came in and made a little comeback. It wasn't enough to win the game, but it put the thought in peoples head, this kid will be golden next year and in the future. Hanie put that same thought into my head, this kid will be golden in the future. Replacing Jay Cutler right now is not a good plan, but keeping Hanie is a good plan. He is a great backup.

Jay Cutler needs to not listen to the people like Trent Dilfer and Tim Hasselback who think they can judge him when he is still young. He should want to prove them wrong. If somehow they put fire and desire in his heart, then I would laugh. Jay is ready to come back and have a monster season. I can see the Bears winning the NFC North again, but I can also see them being in the middle or just below the Packers. I'm being honest that the Packers are a good team, but we can beat them and we have. Jay Cutler needs to step up this offseason and learn that if you work hard in the off season it will pay off in the regular season.

If Jay finds the passion to get better this year will be a monster year for him, if he decides to listen to what the haters say and tell himself that he is a loser, we might have to put Hanie in sooner than wanted. This coming year for the Bears all depends on how Jay Cutler handles all this adversity, and I think he will do well with the adversity and make them eat their words. I SUPPORT JAY CUTLER- a phrase that REAL Bears fans can say proudly.

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  1. On the Cutler picture I just realized that he is pointing to himself, which makes it perfect. It means that Jay Cutler supports Jay Cutler