Monday, January 17, 2011

Haley having hard time winning over fans

NFL fans can really be hard to please at times. It's a what have you done for me lately league. If your not winning, people are calling for your job.

Some Kansas city fans, despite a10-6 season, are wanting Coach Todd Haley fired. It's all the chatter on some Chiefs message boards and radio call in shows.

Why? Some fans find him arrogant and abrasive. Some look at the fact that he fired Chan Gailey and believe he's the reason Charlie Weis left for the college game. Some fans continue to have the fantasy of hiring Bill Cowher as out head coach. Sorry, as long as Scott Pioli is running the show Cowher will never roam the Chiefs sidelines.

Its absolutely asinine that people would be clamoring for him to be fired. The Chiefs won there first division title since 2003 and won 10 games this season. To put that number in perspective, the chiefs had only won 8 games the prior three seasons.

Coach Haley has already began to receive some post season accolades for the job he has done. The Committee of 101 has named him the AFC Coach of the Year. He's also in the running for AP Coach of the Year.

I'm a huge Todd Haley fan. I believe that the team since his arrival is headed in the right direction. In the 20plus years that I have been a Chiefs fan, Haley is my 2nd favorite coach behind Marty Schottenheimer.

I love his passion, his guts, his smugness, and his sometimes questionable play calls. I mean the man blew his knee out showing a player how to do a drill correctly. This man has proved to me that he bleeds Chiefs red.

At the end of the day all fans ultimately want is to win. If Haley can lead the Chiefs to a postseason victory, it should silence his critics, at least for awhile. The Chiefs have now not won a playoff game since the 1994 Divisional Round.

The Chiefs future looks to be bright, but only if the head coach can keep the Arrows pointing up.

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