Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bears Draft Grade

The first two rounds of the draft for the Bears were amazing. I was finally happy with the picks that Jerry Angelo was making and was actually complimenting him on twitter for making smart decisions, then in the third and fifth rounds he made huge mistakes. First, lets talk about the good though. 
In the first round, the Bears had their sites set on an offensive lineman from the start. They knew that was the need that needed to be addressed first and took care of it nicely. They draft Gabe Carimi; you can read the post I wrote about him here. I was very happy with this pick and look forward to seeing Carimi grow as a player. Jerry Angelo gets my approval on that pick. 

In the second round, the need to be addressed was well known again. We needed a defensive lineman. We took one. We took a player from Oregon State named Stephen Paea. I look forward to him growing on the Bears. He already looks like a good player from the scouting reports I have seen and looks to have a bright future. He will probably play a similar role to what Corey Wooton played this last year. Now Wooton has moved up and Paea will get a chance to play every once and awhile, but will probably not be a regular starter for the Bears yet. 

In the third round, things got a little messy. Some people thought the Bears should have taken a wide receiver, some thought that a safety or cornerback should have been taken. A safety was taken and a lot of Bears fans were upset. I was not happy with this pick, but understand it a little. Overall it is a stupid pick, because we are letting all of those safeties that we have drafted in the past pass by without giving them a chance to become good NFL players. This is the first pick that I did not agree with Jerry Angelo on and he didn't give me much confidence in him with the next pick. 

In the fifth round, the Bears selected yet another late in the draft quarterback. They tried the same thing last year and ended up letting him go. If you are going to draft a quarterback, don't wait until the high talent is all gone. I don't think they should have been drafting a quarterback in the first place, but at least draft one that will make a name for himself one day. Right now the Bears have Jay Cutler and Caleb Hanie, and I'm happy with them. Most likely, Jerry Angelo was thinking that he didn't want to have to deal with signing a third string quarterback and he saw this kid, so he went out and got him. I don't think that's a very smart thing to do in a draft, but it's Jerry Angelo and we couldn't expect him to have a perfect draft. 

Overall: I give the Bears a C on this draft. The first two picks were As but the last two were Ds to level it out to a C. 

Jerry Angelo did better than he does most years, but he still needs to draft better or else the Bears are never going to win another Super Bowl. 

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