Monday, April 11, 2011

Bears Draft Picture

I've always said that the worst thing about the draft is that you could have a good regular season, get far in the playoffs and not win the Super Bowl and then you have a bad pick. Basically, you tried very hard to play well and you got pretty far, but not far enough and you get stuck with a bad pick. The Bears had one of those seasons, they played well in the regular season and caught a few breaks. They got to the playoffs and caught another break in playing Seattle; they moved on to the NFC Championship game and lost. That is what put them in the awkward position of we got far in the playoffs, but didn't win anything and now we have a very low pick in the draft. They still have options at the position they want, though. In my opinion, and the opinion of Jeff Dickerson (ESPN Chicago Bears writer) who you can follow on twitter @ESPNChiBears the Bears need an offensive linemen. This was the big issue on our team last year, and can easily be fixed by drafting a linemen. You can read my post about one option, Mike Pouncey, here: I used Jeff Dickerson's mock draft and who he picked for the Bears to make this post. You can read and check out that mock draft here:

Derek Sherrod played offensive tackle for Mississippi State last year, and this year he is entering the draft. I will admit that I don't know very much about him as a player, because I don't watch his school at all. I do know that the Bears need an offensive linemen and this guy will probably be the best they can get with their late pick. The Bears are obviously going to take whatever is the best in that position at the time, but I'm guessing this will be the best they can get.

With Sherrod playing tackle he can't really take over Garza's place like Pouncey would have because Sherrod isn't a guard. If the Bears can make him into a guard for the beginning of the season, that would be great. A guard is what we really need, and most offensive linemen can make the switch easily from tackle to guard.

The big problem with depending on a rookie to take a starting place on the team is that there is a lockout. This means that workout and training time for the rookie with the team will be limited. If the Bears want to make him into a guard, they will need some time. He won't be able to just jump in and play a different position then he has played his entire life. If he has played guard before and can move there easily this won't be a problem. This is just a minor setback and I'm sure he will do fine if the Bears pick him.

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  1. in the first paragraph ignore it saying you can find it here: with nothing after. linkage won't work.

  2. Sherrod played in the SEC. Every saturday he went up against the country's best so we can assume he is NFLready and certainly can be an asset to DA BEARS...

  3. very true, but rookies always have question marks even top 10 picks. He will be a good asset for the Bears and exactly what they need...although pouncey would be better.