Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cutler Speaks

My last post covers a lot of what this post will talk about, but I will say a lot of it again anyway. Jay Cutler received a ton of hate when he left the NFC Championship game with a knee injury. He let things cool down and stayed away from the media for a couple months and just recently commented on it for the first time. The specific quote I want to focus on is this, "I think I've been through a lot here in Chicago, and I would have loved to play." (thank you for the quote)

Cutler specifically said that he wanted to play, which I never doubted. I'm sure Cutler was begging to be out there on the field, but the trainers were telling him to stay on the sideline because they knew that he couldn't truly play well with that injury. The haters forget that after the injury first happened he did go out there and played a series. He didn't play well and he was probably in pain, after that the trainers probably said that he had to sit. Cutler and the Bears made the right decision in not playing him. This controversy will help make the team stronger and help make Cutler a better quarterback.

Another thing I liked about what Cutler said was this: "Those are the guys you are with a lot of the time," Cutler told the Sun-Times, "and those guys didn't flinch. I've got to thank them for that." (again, thanks ESPN Chicago) It was talking about when Urlacher and Kruetz stood up for him. I loved what Urlacher said and you could tell that he was mad at the people talking about Cutler. Maurice Jones Drew better look out the next time the Bears play the Jags, because Urlacher will be gunning for him big time. Urlacher didn't just say what he said because he had to or was supposed to, you could tell that he meant what he said and Jay was very right to thank him for that.

I really liked how the two veterans stood up for Cutler, it shows how well this team sticks together. I think this whole situation has and will bring the team together. The hate on the Bears has really brought the team together and joined them in one goal: make the haters eat their words. The Bears are going to be good next year and Cutler will play a lot better and be really impressive.

Another thing I like about the Cutler thing is that one of his biggest haters, Tim Hasselback, was on ESPN talking about it. He was saying good things, too and the whole time I'm watching I was getting more and more mad. He was one of the people saying bad things and one of the people that Cutler was addressing and now he is saying that waiting and now saying what he said was the perfect thing to do. This just makes me dislike Tim Hasselback even more than I already did, at least Trent Dilfer wasn't there also.

Like I said in my last post, Cutler is a guy who needs motivation and all this crap talk on him will motivate him to be a great quarterback next year and hopefully bring us back to the NFC Championship game and win it this time.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day
These "fans" can go die, RIGHT NOW.

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  1. Chicago has always proved they don't need a big name quarterback to do well (Jim Mcmahon, Sexy Rexy Grossman, Griese). The Bears pride themselves on their defense and defense wins championships.