Sunday, April 3, 2011

Mike Pouncey and the Draft

The Bears are in need of a linemen of some sort. The official word is that they are interested in defensive linemen, but that might just be a front so that nobody steals what they really want. I think they need an offensive linemen, and Mike Pouncey fits exactly what they need. He can play both guard and center which will be very helpful as our center gets older, but is not ready to leave.

The Bears are probably going to sign Olin Kruetz to a one or two year contract when the lockout is over. If they draft Pouncey, Kruetz will stay at center while Pouncey plays guard for a year, then when Kruetz is ready to retire or to just instruct Pouncey we can make pouncey into our center. I think Pouncey and the Bears will mesh well together and the fact that he can play both center and guard will be helpful in introducing him to the NFL.

Mike Pouncey has a lot of talent, it might be hard for the Bears to get him with the 29th pick in the draft. If the Bears get him, he will be used well and will fit our team well. The offensive line was the major problem last year, and drafting Pouncey might help a little.

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