Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mike Vick Goes for Two, Maclin Loses to Mono

The voting for the Madden '12 cover has come down to a final four battle. On one side, the number three seed, Eagles quarterback Mike Vick, is taking on the number nine seed, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. On the other side, the number one seed, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, is taking on the number ten seed, Browns RB Peyton Hillis. If Vick wins the overall voting, he will be the first player to be on the cover of Madden twice, and in two different uniforms. Vick appeared on the cover of Madden 2004, and fell victim to the Madden Curse, breaking his leg in a preseason game. While some Philly fans have been wary about voting for Vick due to concern for the curse's reach, Vick pointed out on his Twitter account that there is no curse for being on the cover twice. Others argue that an injury would be negated by the lockout, should it extend into the regular season. Whatever your position on the curse, it would be good to have an Eagle on the cover of the newest Madden game. The last Eagle to grace the title's cover was Donovan McNabb on the Madden 2006 game. McNabb was later injured in a game against the Dallas Cowboys, and was replaced by backup QB (and Rutgers alum) Mike McMahon. The Eagles ended with a 6-10 record that year, so vote as your superstition dictates.

Meanwhile, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is currently recuperating from an illness similar to mononucleosis. Though he lost 15 pounds, the receiver says he's gained about half of it back, and plans on joining Michael Vick and other key Eagles players in southern New Jersey for Vick's informal practices, meant to keep the team sharp. Let's hope it doesn't aggravate anything, or cause any injuries, especially while locked out of the team health plan.

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