Saturday, March 26, 2011

McCoy Flakes on Party, DJac Gets a Summer Job

Chuck Bednarik was admitted to a Bethlehem hospital on Wednesday. He's feeling better, but remains in serious condition as doctors check to find the cause of his dizziness and shortness of breath. Doctors say Bednarik's heart is as healthy as his playing days, but it's still worrying that he's still in the hospital. Eagles Nation can only wait and hope he recovers.

As the lockout continues and the players vie for support from the fans, LeSean McCoy made a bad choice and flaked on an appearance in Wilkes-Barre, in upstate Pennsylvania. The appearance was arranged by an entertainment company owned by LeSean's brother, LeRon. McCoy was supposedly paid an a $2,500 advance from the Wilkes-Barre nightclub Bentley's, but failed to show for the March 11 event. He tweeted that he had suffered a flat tire, and Bentley's offered to send a car, which McCoy turned down. After numerous attempts by Paul Domowitch to contact LeRon, or anyone with knowledge of the circumstances, the article was published. This finally elicited a response from LeRon, who said, among other things, that the two-seat car Bentley's offered to send was not enough for McCoy and his personal security. Whatever happened, it can't be good to blow off fans like that, especially now.

The talk about Kevin Kolb won't go away any time soon, especially with Andy Reid doing some shameless promotion by calling him a quarterback that can win a championship. Now Charley Casserly, former NFL general manager, has thrown his hat into the ring by saying he would take Kolb "100 times" over Auburn QB and highly ranked draft prospect Cam Newton. While Kolb's few starts aren't enough to count him out, and he has shown himself to be an able QB, he and Newton have essential the same playing time in NFL playoff games, and Kolb, a fourth-year vet, has yet to play a full season. While the same can be said about the Eagles' current starting QB, Kolb hasn't had enough playing time to prove himself one way or another. At this point, speculation about how either will do is a little premature.

In draft news, the Eagles have received two compensatory picks for Jason Babin and Sean Jones, who both departed for free agency last season. While these picks are not very high, two seventh round picks, the Eagles seem to be hoarding draft picks, and may do well because of it. The Eagles recently worked out University of California's Chris Conte, a safety. Keep the eye on defense, Andy.

To get through the lockout, some players have gotten creative. Desean Jackson was recently hired as a production assistant on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show. I suggest tuning in to see how that one goes. Please, Commish, let's bring football back and stop the madness.

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