Friday, March 25, 2011

New Rule

The rules for the kickoff have just been changed, and they are going to change the whole entire game. The kickoff spot was moved from the 30 yard line to the 35 yard line and it will change a lot in the game. The owners say that it will make the game safer, by not having the high speed collisions that often happen on kickoffs. I don't think it will make it that much safer, now kickers will kick higher so that guys on their team have more of a chance to get down to the receiver quicker, which will cause more collisions. This is another example of the owners trying to say that they want the game to be safer, but then being hypocrites by trying to add games to the season and not caring about health care.

This rule will not only affect the kickers, it will affect the receivers and the Bears in particular. We all know that Devin Hester is one of the best kick returners in the league. Before this past year Hester wasn't receiver very many kicks, but Lovie Smith decided to start using him to surprise teams. This year was another brilliant year for him, he is the best. This rule change is going to hurt Hester a lot and the Bears.

The Bears are not a great offensive team. The offense of the Bears is not consistent and I will admit that. They need help from the special teams. The big thing about a kickoff return is that the other team scores a touchdown or a field goal and because your receiver is good you stay in the game by scoring another touchdown. The Bears need kick return touchdowns. This is going to hurt them a lot. A touchback doesn't help the Bears. They can't move down the field like a really great offense does, but they have good kick returners that get them further than a touchback position, or get them a touchdown. Without the factor of Hester, Davis, and Manning returning kicks for touchdowns the Bears aren't as scary on special teams. Yes, Devin Hester can still return punts, but kickoffs are big because its after the other team has just scored and then you get a chance to score. The Bears are not nearly as good as they were this year without the Hester effect in full swing.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day

In honor of Jimmer's last game in the NCAA and at BYU, he scored 32, but it was not enough to move his team along. I hope he has a good NBA career, and I LOVE this video.

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