Sunday, March 27, 2011

Windy City Flyer

My last post was about the rule change for kickoffs, so I figured I would piggy-back off of that idea and talk about the greatness of Devin Hester.

I don't know how he does it, but somehow every time you kick to him he is a threat to run it back. He actually caused himself to be benched for kickoff returns for awhile because he was too good. Lovie Smith was hoping that he would get more yards off the kickoff without him out there at all instead of them kicking away from him and not getting all the way to the 20 yard line. This past year he was put back on to receive the kickoff as a surprise in the beginning and then Lovie realized how good he was and is and kept him there for most of the kickoffs.

Even though he is great at returning kickoffs, the thing he is the best at is returning punts. Just this past year he had 3 returns for a touchdown off punts. He is the best punt returner I have ever seen. Yes, DeSean Jackson is good and other fast receivers but nobody beats Devin Hester. Devin Hester is a monster and a beast.
Devin Hester will not be beat.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day
I chose this because its a collection of Hester's best returns. This just proves everything I said above.

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