Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kolb Talk, Draft Views, GQ Bandwagons, and Dawkins Talks Lockout

Teams from around the league being interested in acquiring Eagles backup quarterback Kevin Kolb is nothing new. Andy Reid acknowledging it, however, is news. Reid said that there has been "a little interest" in Kolb, and that the Eagles would evaluate offers. Some think an offer could come from Minnesota, barring a big pick up in the draft. The 12th pick, however, does not guarantee that the Vikings would be able to pick up a quarterback, especially the ever-popular Cam Newton. Some believe that the Eagles should root for the NFL Players Association's bid to return to usual league business, as Kolb's value has the potential to go down post-draft. While this could happen, his price would likely go up for teams who do not make out as well as they hoped in the draft. Drafting a quarterback, especially in a later round, doesn't always work out as planned, and head coaches around the league know this, which could work to the Eagles' favor come trade time. I may sound like a broken record, but it's my firm belief that the Eagles should use Vick and Kolb to develop third-string QB Mike Kafka before trading Kolb. No matter what happens, one thing no one has talked about is that the first- and second-string QBs in Philly are only signed to one-year contracts. Especially with the prospect of a potentially shortened 2011 season, one (or both) would need to be resigned to a multi-year contract, or Philly could see the beginning of the Mike Kafka era come 2012. Food for thought.

In early draft looks, the Eagles have been looking at Oklahoma State's running back Kendall Hunter. Considered a solid second-rounder, Hunter may be a good pick up to backup for LeSean McCoy. McCoy is the solid RB to start, so Hunter would likely be used as a fullback, rotating in for the injured Leonard Weaver, or in reserve for the Eagles to use in the inevitable injury situation. Another potential draft pick the Eagles have looked at is one of my personal favorites, Muhammad Wilkerson. A potential late first-rounder, the Temple lineman could really help to reinvigorate the Eagles struggling defensive line, especially under the tutelage of Jim Washburn.

In no-one-asked news, GQ posted a (I'm sure VERY scientific) ranking of the meanest fans in sports. Breaking it down by team, rather than city, the ranking is still blatantly transparent, especially having a tie between the Eagles and the Phillies. This is not New York: for the most part, if you're a fan of one Philly team, you're a fan of all of them. Regardless, Philly once again takes the brunt of the "awful fan" hatred, a tired old shtick that anyone wishing to get in good with the sporting world uses. I'm not going to rattle off the times I've been hassled at opposing venues or even walking down the street with a Shane Victorino jersey on, but I suggest those ranking fans wear Philly sports gear in those situations, or through rival cities (especially New York or the ever-leaching New Jersey). But enough about that, it's nothing but faux-analysis bandwagoning.

In former Eagle news, Brian Dawkins appeared on SportsCenter with Mike Vrabel, Drew Brees, and other players representatives. When asked what could be done, the former Eagles star said that fans should "paint [their] faces and stand outside the courthouse." While the players said they were not willing to negotiate on player health, the benefits and pay they are negotiating for has a strong impact on that long-term health care. Regardless of how the lockout is viewed, or who the villains and heroes are, former Eagle Kevin Turner's recent interview will give fire to the players' argument of veteran care. Turner has been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig's Disease. In the interview Turner claims that it is his belief that his time in football, which he played since a child, is the culprit. While the link between ALS and football is still uncertain, Turner's constant blocking for Ricky Watters could not have helped matters.

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