Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lockout's Effect on the Bears

I stated my opinion of the lockout in my last post, so I'm not going to talk anymore about how stupid it is that rich people can't find a way to handle their money, while people are living on the streets and starving. This post will be about how the lockout will effect the Bears.

The first big thing that it will do is put us out of shape mostly because they won't get to work out as often as normal and they won't be able to use good equipment like they have. I think most of the Bears players won't have a problem with finding ways to keep in shape, though. There is one player that I am a little worried about not trying and thinking that he doesn't have to work out or stay in shape.

You could probably guess that that player is Jay Cutler. If there is no lockout and he finds the motivation to work on his footwork and timing he can be a great quarterback. Now that the lockout is in place I don't think he is going to find the motivation to work on his game and get better. This is will be a giant stopage in the Bears growth and in Jay Cutler's growth. The Bears were hot, they were winning games and getting better with each game, now that there is a work stoppage they are going to lose a lot of that momentum. Now I'm worried that the Bears are going to lose all their momentum and have to start from scratch again. The lockout is going to have a huge effect on the Bears.

There is some light in the situation. The Bears owner says that there has to be a lockout to solve things and that there will still be normal play by the time that the season is supposed to start. I don't know how accurate that is and how right that is, but I hope he is correct. The Bears will not be a good team if this lockout continues, its just the facts.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day
This is a great video, Real Bears beating up on whatever a packer is.

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