Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Combine Readings

Sadly, the NFL Combine is over. Now we get to spend the next couple of months dissecting everything that went on and endlessly discussing how it impacts Player X's draft stock. We'll probably all be wrong, but it's fun. Here's some links to Combine reports that should be pretty interesting:

Behind the Steel Curtain, a Steelers blog, put out this review of the Combine. Credit goes to Chris Pokorny of for pointing me to it.

This mock draft from writer Jon Dove at shows how the Combine may have impacted the draft order. You can compare it to his earlier mock draft to see who the winners and losers were.

ESPN has of course covered the Combine in detail. If you missed Todd McShay, one of ESPN's draft experts, on Sports Center, his big winners of the Combine are Julio Jones (put up impressive numbers despite a broken bone in his foot), JJ Watt (finished top 5 in every drill), Marcel Dareus (impressive showing), and the whole defensive liine group in general.

Waiting For Next Year has excellent coverage of Cleveland sports, and they've been covering the Combine as well. Take a few minutes to comb through their stuff because there's plenty of good information there.

As always, stay tuned. There's more to come.

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