Monday, January 17, 2011

Rob Ryan in as Cowboys Defensive Coordinator

The Cowboys have hired Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator. I'm a little excited about this move because he is a great coordinator but is often overshadowed by the teams he worked on(Browns and Raiders). He should have a better chance to show his skills with the Cowboys defensive roster.
Last year the Browns ranked 20th in Defense under Ryan but the roster he had on defense were very poor. The Cowboys roster are a little bit better but still have problems in the secondary. Which should be the most important topic for the defense this off-season. He should most likely stick to the 3-4 and plan more and better plays for the defense with the talent we have.
As long as Ryan has the freedom to run the plays he wants and don't get steam-rolled over Jerry Jones control freak powers then Ryan should be successful and bring the Cowboys defense back to top-10 status for the 2001-2012 season. Let Ryan have his own say-so for HIS defense and insights from the Head Coach and not from the Owner/GM.

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