Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jerry Jones says his Cowboys are OK at CB

From the Cowboys standpoint it looks like u can throw out your Mock Draft picks to get a CB. Looks like Jerry Jones has already made a choice for the draft early on for us. Jones says that his Cowboys are OK at the CB position.
The Mock Draft predicted the Cowboys to select Nebraska CB Prince Amukamara. Cowboys do need more help in the secondary than the most from the performance they put up last year. Sensebaugh, Ball, Jenkins, and Terrance Newman had a below mediocre year in my opinion. Jenkins was a Pro-Bowl CB last year and for him to take a major downfall a year later is just shocking.
Rob Ryan, the Cowboys’ new defensive coordinator, must make a tremendous sales pitch during job interviews. That’s the most logical explanation for the surprising stance taken by owner-general manager Jerry Jones as Senior Bowl workouts started Monday. He indicated the club believes Ryan can fix embattled cornerbacks; Ryan should have a say-so from this decision by Jones. He's the new DC and has enough time to figure out what he needs.
I hope this statement made by Jones doesn’t stick. It’s not a good look for u too already make a decision on the team not to selected a CB and that were "ok" at that position. That choice should be made by the Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator. We need this draft pick to really come through and it will hopefully improve the Cowboys secondary and defense as a whole.

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  1. As a Lions fan who wants Prince Amukamara, I hope this is true, sorry.