Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bears vs. Packers Wrap

Thank you Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers for making me look like a giant idiot. I said the Bears would win and I gave very confident answers, now that the game is over the Packers won, but not because the Bears couldn't have won this game. There are huge things that happened that lead to the Bears eventually losing this game. It's not like it was a blowout either, it came down to the wire and had people thinking if the Bears would actually come back or not. So lets get at breaking down this game.
The Packers got the ball first and from the first play you could tell they came prepared to attack our defense. They watched a lot of film and exploited every little error in that first drive. When I saw that first drive, I said to myself I hope the offense is doing well today. Then the Bears got out on the field and they went 3 and out. From that point on I was worried. I'm not saying I knew they would lose after that, because there was a lot of time left for the Bears to get into their groove. The Packers offense was crazy good and just took advantage of everything our defense did wrong in the first half. The first half was all Packers. I was pissed off and really drunk by then because I kind of turned the game into a drinking game by saying that every time the Packers had a good play I took a drink, I was hammered. This game was making me very mad, I was ready to turn it off, but I knew the Bears would not give up and that they would not lose this game unless they played super bad, which they did.
Then, I was on twitter and everyone was talking about Cutler. I didn't understand because I saw him leave and he didn't look like he was limping that much and I never saw him take a big hit. Then he came out and played the first drive. After that drive Jay Cutler was sitting with his coat and I saw the worst quarterback in the NFL warming up. I was deathly afraid when I saw that because I hate Todd Collins with a burning passion. Ever since the Giants game where he came in at the end and the receiver was 10 yards away and Collins throws it without getting hit and it gets like halfway. Since that moment I have hated him, and he made some bad throws like that in this game. I don't fully agree with the fact that they should have taken him out before the 4th quarter, because if for some reason Jay Cutler had fought off all the coaches telling him not to play he could have played in the last few minutes. I also agree with the decision, because the less he plays the better. The only reason he is the number two is because he is older and has way more ezperience than Hanie. Hanie is so much better and we saw that today.
Hanie played for a small part of the third quarter and all of the fourth quarter. I have thought since he was the third string behind orton when Rex Grossman was just ending his time with the Bears that he deserved a chance. Now he got his chance and he proved that he can step up in big situations and make some pretty big plays, but he also can do some Cutler things, like throw interceptions. He threw two of them in that short time but also balanced it out with two great passes. The end of the game was great and I was holding my breath hoping that this kid would bring us to the Super Bowl. It didn't end well, but he has a lot of talent that we can use either in a trade or after Cutler leaves. I like Hanie and he is very young, if in the future he becomes the next Aaron "thrusting" Rodgers I would not be surprised. I just wish he could have lead us to victory.

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