Monday, April 18, 2011

London? England?

Recently the NFL schedule was released, and the Bears found out they are one of the lucky teams to get to travel out of the country and play in London. When I heard this at first I was thinking it would be a cool experience for the players and that they would really enjoy it. When I got to thinking about it more, I thought about how much jet lag they will have. The biggest problem is, what if they don't win? The losing team is going to look at the game and trip and think it was pointless, which it is. Why is the NFL trying to reach out to European countries? They don't like the sport, so just let them have their football which is soccer and we will have ours. This one game in London thing is just making a mess for the NFL, the players, and the coaches. As a coach you have to leave time for your guys to catch up on sleep, leaving you with less time to prepare for the next week. The more I think about it, the more I hate the fact that the Bears have to play in England this year. I mean no offense to England or other European countries, but this game is so unnecessary. There are other ways to reach out and one game with different teams every year isn't going to help the fanbase very much. I don't like this at all and I won't be looking forward to the game; losing would put way too much of a dent in our season. This game is not going to be cancelled; I'm going to have to live with this game. This game is a must win, though, because a loss means we go back to Chicago with not very many days to prepare and needing help. If the Bears lose this game it could throw them off their rhythm and perhaps ruin their season, they have to win.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day
I had to watch this with a heavy heart, and yet laugh a little. The late Dave Duerson is a big part of it, and he will forever be in my heart as a great Bear and man who died too early.

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