Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bednarik Recovering, Vote Vick

Ok, so the title might not be so popular with those still unwilling to see that Eagles quarterback Mike Vick has served his time, but that's alright. Hopefully you're more worried about Chuck Bednarik. For those in the latter category, he's doing better, and is expected to be released from the hospital as soon as possible. His heart is fine, according to his doctors, and he'll hopefully be making a full recovery.

In (maybe not so) current Eagle news, Quintin Mikell is still unsure if he will have a role on the Eagles' defense next year. Mikell is a free agent, but has the disadvantage of being unable to shop himself around, and the further impediment of wanting to stay in Philadelphia. While he did not have a stellar year, his numbers were solid, he put pressure on offenses when it was needed and he was the Eagles' tackle leader. In the "he's got Philly heart" section of his resume, Mikell says that despite being 30 years old, he keeps himself in top playing condition, a habit learned from Philly beloved Brian Dawkins. With the proper draft picks (cough, cough, Muhammed Wilkerson, cough, cough) and good free agency moves (Nnamdi Asmougha, cough, cough), the Eagles could stand to keep Mikell on the (hopefully) beefed up defense, making the squad very formidable. The best part is that his desire to stay could mean a discount for the Eagles, giving them the ability to spend that money elsewhere.

Segueing nicely into more former Eagles news, number 20, good old Brian Dawkins has joined Twitter. I know he plays for the Broncos now, but I don't think there's anyone in Philly who didn't love him while he played here (or even still do). Give him a follow @weapon20xx.

Finally, Michael Vick has advanced on to the second round of voting for the Madden '12 cover. Vick defeated Houston's Andre Johnson, and received 76 percent of the total vote. Vick will face Pittsburgh's Hines Ward. We all know that this Keystone showdown is going to be big, so go vote for the Eagles' QB! Like Vick tweeted, in reference to the infamous Madden Curse: "There's no jinx for getting on there a second time."

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