Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eagles Will Keep Vick, Where Will Kolb Land?

The Philadelphia Eagles are set to put the franchise tag on quarterback Michael Vick, a league source has said. It may be old news that the Eagles have long been considering tagging Vick to keep him for the 2011 season, with this confirmation, talks are sure to begin swirling about the fate of backup QB Kevin Kolb. Kolb went on the radio to again state that though he has full confidence in head coach Andy Reid, he wants to be a starter in 2011. Kolb waited for three years behind former Eagles QB Donovan McNabb and was set to begin a new era in Philadelphia when McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins for draft picks on April 4, 2010.

Then came the fateful concussion in Week 1 against Green Bay. After Vick finished the game and started against the Lions and Jaguars, only to be injured in Week 3. After that, the revolving door of starting QB in Philly seemed never ending. Kolb was returned to duty, losing against a returning McNabb and the Redskins, and winning over the 49ers and future top-seed Falcons. Following a loss to the Titans, Vick returned as starter on the other side of the bye week, beating the Colts and the Redskins in a spectacular Monday night game. Now that the season is over, Kolb sees the writing on the wall and the tag looming over Vick's helmet. And, as one would expect, he can't stand to enter year five in the NFL as a backup. But where would he go?

There has been talk of Kolb being a good fit for the Tennessee Titans now that they have all but traded Vince Young, and it could be Kolb's chance to spend next year making his own name. If the Titans decide to pass on Kolb, the 49ers could be willing to talk with Eagles management if new head coach Jim Harbaugh finishes reviewing 2010 game tapes and decides he's not so excited to work with Alex Smith. This may end up being the case, with rumors already popping up about Kyle Orton and Carson Palmer, and if the Niners are serious, it's possible they could get a better deal trading for Kolb. A third team to throw into the mix could be the Redskins. Though McNabb says he'll be returning next year, there is a lot of speculation after his agent made some interesting remarks and his controversial benching in favor of Rex Grossman to end the 2010 season. After head coach Mike Shanahan's disastrous season, he may be looking to push the McNabb controversy away, despite the flashy mid-season contract extension the Redskins gave the former Eagles quarterback. While this would likely cost the Redskins quite a bit on both ends, it could give Shanahan (another) fresh start, ironically with yet another Eagles quarterback.

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