Thursday, January 20, 2011

Year in Review: San Diego Chargers

In 2009 the San Diego Chargers fan base witnessed a evolution that would change the team forever. We witnessed the rise of Philip Rivers dominance and the fall of the once great and dominate running back, LaDainian Tomlinson. We witnessed former Charger stars fall off the map (Antonio Cromartie and Shawne Merriman) and we witnessed the beginning of a new era. No longer was running the ball our first option. Philip Rivers now became the leader of the team and L.T. soon became obsolete.

After a 13-3 season and a disappointing performance in the Divisional Round in the playoffs, the Chargers could not help but enforce some change. This meant to end the LT era and bring in a new, younger running back and trade away the cancers that held us back before (Cromartie). The off season met controversy and success. Most of the off season was focused on the contract situations between Pro Bowl left tackle Marcus McNeil and Pro Bowl wide receiver Vincent Jackson. These were two of the most important players and our season seemed to begin to look dark. Drafting Ryan Mathews filled one of the most important positions however every Charger fan was wondering how would we perform without our best players on offense.

Enter the 2010 season. Norv Turner believed that this was the best Charger team he had ever coached. Big words considering the fact that the previous year we went 13-3. The year started out without our main offensive weapons however those pieces weren't missed as much as people would have thought. The teams offense and defense were very powerful and Philip Rivers was having a MVP caliber year, however one significant part was holding them back, Special Teams. Special Teams was a major problem. It contributed to losses in Kansas City, Oakland, Seattle and many others.

As do all Chargers seasons, they would struggle in the first half of their season.  Only there was something different this year than last.  They never had a great second half of the season.  Usually, except for last year, the Chargers would be able to dig themselves out of the hole, and make the playoffs.  At first, the Chargers seemed like they would be able to follow the same pattern, winning 4 straight games form week 8 including a 38-14 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. They would not be able reach the playoffs, making the Charger faithful disappointed again,.

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