Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Dilemma Of Three

The title of a new movie? Maybe a new book? How about a new TV show? Nope, none of these three (three again?) explain the Dilemma Of Three.

The Dilemma Of Three, as any Buffalo Bills fan knows (yes there really are Bills fans) is what do do with the 3rd pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Instead of being excited about having the highest pick in many years, Bills fans are at each other's throats over what to do with the pick.

Fans, pundits (yes even bloggers), and sports journalists fall into three (there's that number again) camps.

1. The Savior (Franchise Quarterback)
Let's face it, the Bills haven't had a decent QB since Jim Kelly (well, ol Doug Flutie and Drew Bledsoe had a few nice games). All of Buffalo was on the Andrew Luck watch. Andy would come out, head east, and lead the Bills to glory once again. Unfortunately Buffalo had no luck as Andrew decided to stay in sunny California. Additionally, after dumping Captain Checkdown (aka Trent Edwards), Ryan Fitzpatrick was thrust into the starting QB role and did a pretty good job (given the situation).

2. The Defensive Stud (Defensive Lineman or Linebacker)
Hey, you can't get much worse than the Bills defense (unless you compare this year's defense to last year's - it's hard to believe but they actually were worse). The shift from the 4-3 to the 3-4, along with the retirement of Aaron Schoebel and a general lack of talent, made the Bills a laughingstock against the run. Virtually every running back that played the Bills this year had their best game (this includes a few rookies and third stringers that ran like Walter Payton against the hapless Bills D).

3. The Luxury Pick (Best Player Available)
This is the age old NFL wisdom, "take the best player on the board".

All of this is complicated by the many years of futility of lousy Bills high draft picks (Aaron Maybin, John McCargo, James Hardy - ouch, it's too painful to go on).

So what's a team to do? Well, like everybody else I have an opinion and here it is. Draft a stud defensive lineman or linebacker. Draft a beast - an athletic overachiever, a physical specimen with a nasty attitude.

Why? Because the offense showed signs of life. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a serviceable QB, the receiving corps improved, and the O line (with the exception of one OT) is promising. On defense, the secondary is not nearly as shabby as the pathetic defensive line and linebacking corps.

Start with biggest problem (maybe the worst defense in the NFL) and work from there. The Bills have an adequate QB for the near future and cannot afford a luxury pick (not with the current defense). So it has to be a defensive linemen or linebacker. See, its simple!

Oh, for the record, if the Bills draft a defensive back with the 3rd pick, I'm not renewing my season tickets. That should resonate with Bills management!

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