Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vikings: 2011 Draft

Now that I gave you the summary of the Vikings 2010 season, its time to look ahead at the Draft and show you the needs for the 2011 Vikings.
# 1 need- Quarterback. Joe Webb is a project at QB, he was drafted as a WR out of South Florida and played in 3 games for the Vikings. He most likely won't be the future QB for the Vikings after Coach Leslie Frazier hinted they would like to have a Matt Ryan or Joe Flacco at QB over the longhaul, and once Favre hangs it up for good ( I think its pretty much 99.9% true that he does) the Vikings will need to draft a QB. Some of the Qb's who will be available are Gabbert, Mallett, Newton and Locker.
# 2 need- Offensive Line. The Offensive Line was a failure for the Vikings in 2010 as it couldn't get any push up front for Pro Bowler Adrian Peterson who basically had to do it all himself. John Sullivan the Center struggled mightely as well as RG Anthony Herrera and 2nd year Tackle Phil Loadholt. Bryant McKinnie isn't getting any younger at LT and will be in his contract year. I'd say the Vikings should look at drafting a Center or LT of the future with one of their picks. Most likely 2nd round they can use that on.
# 3 need- Cornerback/Safety help. With a divison full of solid quarterbacks, including 2 who are a few hours away from kicking off in the NFC Championship game, the Vikings need to work on adding to a Secondary that was dismantled late in the season with RK CB Chris Cook on IR as well as Cedric Griffin who tore his ACL earlier in the season. With CB Antoine Winfield not getting any younger, the Vikings could also look at adding a cover corner or a playmaking Safety who it seems like they haven't had since Robert Griffith back in the late 90's.

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