Saturday, January 22, 2011

Defensive Speculation Continues in Philly

I never meant to dedicate this many of my posts to the Eagles defensive situation, but the hits just keep on coming. Last night the Browns picked up Eagles defensive backs coach Dick Jauron as their defensive coordinator. The Eagles now have very few choices remaining, and some are critical of the Eagles' apparent reluctance in Jauron's case, however they may be waiting for something bigger. There has been speculation about the the team's interest in the linebacker coaches of the Packers and the Bears.

The Eagles had first-hand experience (twice) of the defense Kevin Greene is a part of, and that may factor into their decision to interview him at the end of the Packers' postseason. Greene's relative lack of experience has been brought up, two years as opposed to McDermott's seven-plus, though from this season's handling of defensive strategy (especially in the postseason), Greene's resume begins to look better.

Ideally, the Bears' linebacker coach Bob Babich would be the better choice, with his quarter century's worth of experience, though it is doubtful he would leave the Bears staff and head coach Lovie Smith. Despite this, Babich would be an quality addition to the Eagles coaching staff and help to cement a revamped defensive staff.

While there are still quality choices, there are only four short weeks until the postseason is over, and the Eagles will have to make a decision, or be left with a vacant position at worst, or an ineffectual defensive coordinator at best. Time's not ours anymore, Andy.

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