Saturday, January 15, 2011

Breaking News: Eagles Fire Sean McDermott

Just as I was publishing my first post, Twitter exploded with the news that the Eagles had fired defensive coordinator Sean McDermott. The news was broken by Chris Mortensen and confirmed twenty minutes later by CSNPhilly. While the reaction by fans on Twitter was mixed between shock and cheers, 610WIP's Howard Eskin's tweet on the matter showed there may be cause for concern regarding the Eagles' leadership.

This begs the question: why are decisions like this being made with Reid out of the country? And if the decision was made by Big Red himself, why did it take so long for them to announce it? When we last heard anything significant from Andy regarding the defense, he said that McDermott would be returning as defensive coordinator. Now the story seems quite different, and we are left wondering if we can trust what Reid says anymore.

If we flashback to the months following the Eagles' wildcard loss to the Cowboys, Reid assured us that McNabb would be returning. For those who have followed the news during the Reid/McNabb era, this was nothing new. But then, come April, the story was quite different.

Then we go to the aftermath of Kevin Kolb's Week 1 concussion, and Reid again assures us that he would not be changing quarterbacks. Lo and behold, using the somewhat suspect "if he's healthy" caveat, Vick becomes the Eagles' starting quarterback.

With this history of assuring us that he will stick with the man currently in the job, despite struggles, can we trust any assurances Reid gives us from here on out? Someone needs to tell Andy that making this many false assurances, he's losing the trust and confidence of the fans and the city.

Please Andy, just be straight with us, cool?

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