Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Lockout Gets Justice, Vick Decides Against Oprah

This week Eagles offensive tackle Winston Justice has become a hub for NFLPA news, telling teammates on Twitter to follow him for updates and giving information about players meetings, like this tweet:

This kind of leadership from individual teams is what the players need to avoid a lockout. I don't like taking sides on things, especially when I could potentially cover them, but this blog is also for opinions, and I for one hope that the owners can somehow be reasoned with to avoid a lockout. I'll save my points for why I support the players for comments, so feel free to post your views on the quickly looming lockout.

Mike Vick was slated to tape an interview with the almighty Oprah on Wednesday, but canceled for "personal reasons." T.J. Walker of Forbes gives some good insight on why it would have been in Vick's PR interests to do the interview, but others believe the Eagles were behind the cancellation, largely due to the fact that Oprah is a dog-lover. Some reports were that PETA was prepping Oprah to give Vick tough questions, the kind that would be not be comfortable to answer, while others say it was the talk of current owners of dogs Vick used to fight being in attendance. Vick may not have pleased Oprah, seeing as the interview won her a bet with Piers Morgan (who hardly seems rich enough to gamble in Oprah's league, but a win's a win, right?) that she would get to talk with Vick before Morgan did. Tom Weir of USA Today seems to think that Vick has angered Oprah by canceling, but I really think she has better things to do than smite someone who is trying to rehabilitate his image. If the interview is rescheduled, I hope to be able to attend; so that I can report back to you the feeling in the room, and to support my team's newly franchised quarterback.

In other news, Mark Buehrle has backed off of comments he made regarding Vick getting injured, to a degree. I think the best thing that could happen would be Vick sitting on the third baseline as the Phillies beat the White Sox in the World Series. But pitchers and catchers just reported the other day, so it'll be a long season. Hopefully Rangers' second baseman Ian Kinsler's comments about Vick's and Desean Jackson's lack of attending practice is not a sign of things to come. His comments make even less sense due to the fact that there was no news of either Eagle missing practice through the 2010 season. I think he's just mad we got Cliff Lee. Had to work that in somehow. Anyway, no Phillie has said anything about anyone in any other sport. They make the news with wins. Sorry, forgot this was an NFL blog for a moment there.

Finally, to mesh former Eagle news with Andy Reid news, Joe Banner went on WIP and criticized (I feel rightly), the Redskins' benching of QB Donovan McNabb. I was and am a McNabb fan, despite all the negativity, and benching him for Rex Grossman (especially making him a third-string QB) was wrong. Banner also made an open-ended remark that if the Eagles organization ever felt Reid couldn't get them to the Big Game, they'd be open to changing team leadership. Interesting remarks coming so soon before Reid's contract is up. Kinda makes you wonder.

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