Friday, February 4, 2011

I'm BACK!!!!!

I know many of you missed me earlier this week.  I missed you too!  I was attending an IBM Lotus conference which kept me quite busy.  But I'm back and guess what?  NOTHING happened while I was off-grid!  OK, something did happen.  MoJo was caught in a word game with the press again!  What is this I'm talking about?  Keep following.

So, Maurice Jones-Drew was visiting a local Jacksonville elementary school and was asked about his tweet comparing Jay Cutler to Urban Meyer.  MoJo originally said he would not apologize since he did nothing wrong.  Well when pressed, he apologized.  You can read the Florida Times-Union article here.

Now,  I follow MoJo on Twitter and I saw nothing wrong with it then and still see nothing wrong with it.  So why try and ruin a perfectly innocent and benevolent visit with the kiddies by dragging up old stuff?  Because of what I said earlier, NOTHING happened this week.  So if no news happend, well just CREATE it.  Such is the life of the press that covers a team that is no longer playing.  Oh well.  So what will Monday bring?  You'll just have to tune in if you want to see what was created over the weekend.

My Super Bowl prediction is that Green Bay will beat Pittsburgh by 14.  Not because I hate the Steelers, but they have a suspect O-Line and Aaron Rogers will destroy the Steelers defense.  Have a safe weekend and enjoy the Big Game!

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