Monday, February 28, 2011

Combine Talk

The Jaguars are looking at a deep Defensive Line draft class and hoping to pull in one of the top pass rushers.  While the Jaguars have other needs including the secondary, being in the AFC South means they need to improve their pass rush.  Could the Jaguars make this another Defense heavy draft class as they did last year.  Right now, only GM Gene knows that for sure, but I think it is a safe bet that the majority of the players the Jags pick up will be on the Defensive side of the ball.

Jack Del Rio is on the hottest seat of maybe any coach in the history of the game and needs a showing this year that will sway Wayne Weaver to continue to employ him.  The way he does that is get better on Defense and hope that David Garrard can string together another decent season.  His Defense has to show marked improvement and not just a step, but a hug leap.  The Jaguars will need to get after Peyton Manning and make him make mistakes which he does when under pressure.  The Jaguars have to be able to mute the high power Texan's passing attack.

GM Gene is the key to those things happening.  He has to find a big-time pass rusher who can make an immediate impact in this year's draft.  With this year's thin secondary draft class, I don't think GM Gene can find what he wants or needs this year so he'll have to look to Free Agency, if there is such a thing this year.  Del Rio was interviewed at the Combine and gushed when asked about the chances the Jaguars had at getting Bob Sanders.  He was so excited, I almost thought he had some side deal with Sanders to sign with the Jaguars, but I think that was more desperation than optimism.  Here's to hoping that a deal can get done with Sanders before March 3.

Not much was said about the QB position during the Combine, but I think that's a good sign that the Jaguars are targeting a QB in this years draft.  It is common for GM Gene to keep his thoughts close to his vest.  So if he isn't talking about it, you can bet good money on the fact that he's THINKING about it.  So for those out there that want the Jaguars to draft a QB, don't lose hope.  It may not happen in the first round, but it will happen on Day Two.

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