Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Browns Notes and Randomness

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Recently-released Browns defensive tackle Shaun Rogers has been busy this week. He has already visited Washington and Kansas City, and he hopes to eventually be signed by Houston. In his radio interview, he spoke glowingly of departed defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Like many fans and players, myself included, Rogers liked Ryan's excitement and energy level that he brought to the defense.

ESPN draft analyst Todd McShay now believes the Browns will select Marcel Dareus, DT from Alabama. McShay believes that, when healthy, Dareus is a more complete player than projected number one overall draft pick Nick Fairley. It's not exactly relevant to his success on the field, but it would be interesting to see Dareus reunited with Colt McCoy, whose season he ended in the BCS Championship Game. Dareus is a capable pass rusher and has the versatility to play in many schemes. He could conceivably fill the (large) hole vacated by Shaun Rogers.

While head coach Pat Shurmur is in his first head coaching gig, the Browns have two other coaches with head coaching experience. Defensive coordinator Dick Jauron and senior defensive assistant Ray Rhodes. Both have also been awarded Coach of the Year honors in previous seasons. This combination of new blood and experience should bode well for the Browns in the coming years.

GM Tom Heckert took some veiled potshots at departed coach Eric Mangini. In order to give credit where it is due, I didn't take much note of this article until I read this piece at Waiting for Next Year by Craig Lyndall. I agree with the vast majority of Craig's take on the subject, and I'm getting sick of hearing potshots going back and forth from current Browns personnel and former Browns personnel. It seems like it never ends.

The last I heard, there has been no significant changes with the CBA negotiotiations. I'm starting to get a little discouraged due to the complete lack of movement, but I'm still optimistic that there will be football in 2011. Time will tell. As always, stay tuned for more news and analysis.

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