Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mike McCarthy, NFL coach of the year?

When you think of great coaches in the NFL Mike McCarthy probably isn't the first name to come to mind. It should be. If you look at what he has accomplished this year I think he should be the unanimous pick for coach of the year.

Even though the Packers had their ups and downs this sseason they still managed to finish the year 10-6 and made the playoffs. McCarthy did this while having 15 key players placed on injured reserve over the course of the season. This just goes to show that even if he is short handed on players he can find other players that fit into his system and make them successful. McCarthy is a genius when it comes to roster management and he has proven it with his team's success this season.

Separate from this he is a great game planner and motivator. He has proven this recently with his team winning four straight elimination games. This shows how he can control his team and keep them all focused on their goal to just win. Those four elimination victories for the Packers include two huge wins on the road in the playoffs at Philadelphia and at Atlanta. This goes to show that home field advantage isn't as important as it seems. It is all about preparation and execution. Mike McCarthy has excellent preparation skills and he has the talent on his very deep roster to execute his game plans to perfection.

I just can't see how any other coach this year has "out coached" Mike McCarthy. In my opinion he was the best coach of the 2010 NFL season.

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