Monday, January 31, 2011

No Green and Gold at the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl was this past Sunday. Although, the roster was stacked with talent, it was missing some of the NFL’s best players. The Green Bay Packers were supposed to have 6 players in the game, but they weren’t there due to their participation in Super Bowl XLV. The Pittsburgh Steelers also had 4 players that were voted to the Pro Bowl but couldn’t go either. I think that the Pro Bowl should be played after the Super Bowl.

The Pro Bowl is supposed to be a fun event for both the players and the fans. I don’t think that just because you are in the Super Bowl you should be snubbed from the Pro Bowl. I think having 10 total players from the 2 best teams in the NFL, not in the Pro Bowl, is taking away from the game. Not that the players really care if they miss it (I’m sure they would much rather be preparing for the Super Bowl), but they don’t get to go have fun and support their team colors with the league’s top players. I think the Pro Bowl should be moved back to after the Super Bowl so everyone has their chance to play in it.

I know for me, I would be much more interested in the Pro Bowl if the players form my favorite team were actually there. Green Bay and Pittsburgh have the 2 best and largest fan bases in the NFL and I’m sure the majority of them, including myself, didn’t pay much attention to the Pro Bowl. The TV ratings would probably be a lot higher with those players in the game.

Green Bay Players voted to the Pro Bowl:

Tramon Williams

Chad Clifton

Clay Matthews

Charles Woodson

Greg Jennings

Nick Collins

Pittsburgh Players voted to the Pro Bowl:

Troy Polamalu

James Harrison

Maurkice Pouncey

Brett Keisel

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