Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mustache To The Rescue?

This blog is a perfect segue from my Thursday post about the Buffalo Bills upcoming draft dilemma. Can you say DEFENSE? Or in Buffalo's case the obvious lack thereof.

Many may wonder why Bills fans could get excited about the hiring of Dave Wannstedt. Well, here's why...
  1. The Bills Defense Is Putrid

No doubt about it. The Bill's D has hit rock bottom. Adding a defensive minded coach with extensive coaching experience (including a stint as a head coach in the AFC East) is a big plus. The Bills need help in installing Chan Gailey's new defensive schemes. Also, Dave's been around the block a few times. He should be an additional asset in game planning, player evaluation, and adjusting schemes on game day. As Assistant Head Coach/Inside Linebacker Coach it seems apparent that the Bills are committed to utilizing Wannstedt as more than just a position coach.

2. Continued Commitment By Management

The Bills have a history of not investing in quality head coaches, much less assistant coaches. Wannstedt's hiring is more proof that the Bills are committed to improving. They could have just as easily hired a no-name position coach and been done with it. Wannstedt's hiring could portend additional significant moves (Bills fans can always dream, can't they).

3. George Edwards Is On Notice

If George Edwards, the current Defensive Coordinator, continues to struggle next season, the Bills need not look further than their own coaching staff for a quality replacement.

Here's hoping that Davey Boy has significant input in the evolution of the Bills Defense. Remember, years ago when Mike Mularkey was the Bills Head Coach (forgot about that, didn't ya) the Bills brought in Dick LeBeau, arguably one of the games best defensive minds, as a "consultant". LeBeau, now enshrined in Canton, was never given a true role in the Bills organization and left for Pittsburgh. One can only hope Wannstedt gets more of a chance than LeBeau had.

At the very least the Bills now have an employee whose name is harder to spell than Posluszny!

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