Friday, January 21, 2011

AL aka "The Crypt Keeper" CUTS The Cable

Hey fellow bloggers and potential readers. My name is Alston and I live in Oakland,Ca hence why I am here now writing on the Oakland Ray-duhs (Al Davis Voice). I just want to start off to admit our demise these past 7 years, but promise we are on a rise and have a team that is becoming more and more explosive. I will try and provide as much inside information I can get a hold of on the Raiders, but also in hand will give some of my own opinions and views on the team as the year goes on.

Its hard to say that everyone in the bay area, and for that matter, the entire U.S. were surprised when the news came out that Tom Cable would not be coming back to the Raider organization as the Head Coach, but Al was being, simply put, Al. Since 2002, Al has gone on a coaching switch rampage believing that our team will change over night and start putting up above .500 seasons. Sorry Al, it's not that straight forward though your 80 year old diabolical brain says so (picture above explains it all).

Things definitely took a complete 180 this past season for the Silver and Black, and that is solely due to the addition of Hue Jackson (in hand due to the emergence of RUN DMC and Rookie Jacoby Ford) whom came from Baltimore Ravens as their past QB coach. He empowered not only the drive for excellence in the offensive scheme, but also set fire to the defensive players on the team. The numbers on offense definitely showed what level of leadership he brought to the team, especially creating a #2 Run Offense in the NFL and 6th overall in points scored. But going back to Cable...

Tom Cable was perceived as a perfect Raider head coach to many due to his "raw" character you could say, from his run in with claims of harassment to women, to breaking the jaw of an assistant coach. I believe Al had enough of all these allegations and lawsuits coming from women that the rope had to be cut loose. Not only that, but the real catalyst was the quote from Cable after going 6-0 in the AFC West which he said, "We are not losers anymore". Ummmm, sorry to burst your bubble Tom, but a .500 season is considered loosing. And who wants to go 2-8 outside our conference. Raider Nation is expecting more! Sure we love the improvement, but having confidence and expecting greatness (ALWAYS) from your players is key (i.e. Good Ole Chuckie).

I believe Tom Cables slogan caught onto to Al real well, "Just Cut it Loose". I think the important message to take here is that the Silver and Black is back. Al Davis is finally making some positive decisions not only on choosing the coaching staff (Saunders just got hired as the new OC), but also the draft selections (2010 class). I am a strong believer in this new team, but next to discuss is the mass amounts of free agents on this team and what Al is looking to do to retain this strong talent pool as well as potentials in the 2011 draft class.

Just Win Baby!

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