Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Indianapolis Colts Report Card: Offense


   This season had great expectations going into the first game. After a bad high scoring loss, there were thoughts that maybe we would have a bad season due solely to the defense and the loss of Bob Sanders... Again!

   These thoughts changed when Peyton came out and played great for us and had a good possibility of getting another MVP. These aspirations of greatness were shot down when both Dallas Clark and Austin Collie went down for the season. With injures abound, Peyton's play plummeted, and he went through a very rough stretch. The offense picked back up late in the season, but it wasn't enough.

   The offense had great potential, but injures killed the Colts. Based on the first half of the season they would have had an A+. Unfortunately, the F- they had in that stretch during the middle of the season lowered the grade dramatically. I will cut them a little bit of slack after they found a way to pick up the offense late in the season even with the injures, but that only gets them a B- or a C+.

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