Friday, January 14, 2011


What's up guys this is Max the colts fan. I'm here to hit you guys up with all colts info and opinion three times a week. This is my first post so I'm just going to tell you a little about what you need to know. I've been a colts fan all my life, and when it comes to football, I know my stuff.

I'll be giving you guys on Around The NFL the update on Colts info every couple of days with a little bit of opinion add in. Since it's the offseason for us right now. I plan on giving you the latest on the draft, managerial decisions, and anything that the colts end up in the news for.

Once the season starts back up, I'll be giving you the weekly "why the colts are going to win" report befo the game, and a post game "I told you they would win" recap. I'll keep you updated with any important news about Indianapolis during the week as well.

I'm looking forward to contributing to Around The NFL, and I'll hit you guys up with a post later this week about why Jim Caldwell isn't going anywhere despite idiots on twitter and other sites saying that he needs to go.

Until then remember that a health Indianapolis Colts team could demolish any team left in the playoffs. ( and yes that includes you New England )

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