Thursday, January 27, 2011

Greg Manusky New Face of The Chargers Defense

Last year the San Diego Chargers were fortunate enough to have the Number 1 defense in the league, but I mean who cares? We may have had the Number 1 defense but they were so sporadic and would show up some days and disappear others. Let me just say that the "Number 1 Defense" tag is a bit of a over statement.

Every Charger fan remembers those games where they struggled to get it together at the right times. I mean Rams anyone? I remember our corner backs getting exposed by the rookie Sam Bradford. Cason got burnt by this unknown WR named Danerio Alexander. WHO?!? Who remembers when Philip Rivers drove us down the field to score and then hoped the defense would step up, and failed to stop the run? Our "Number 1 Defense" did what? Yea allow Steven Jackson to run all over them en route to winning the game and digging us into a whole.

How about the Raiders game? They did it twice to us. They not only exposed our rushing defense but also our corners. They ran and passed all over us. Our "Number 1 Defense" made Jason Campell and Carson Palmer look like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Well, now that my rant is over, you can tell I feel no sympathy in losing Ron Rivera and am not happy with what we call the "Number 1 Defense." Statistics lie however that is the past. Welcome Greg Manusky. Former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator. He looks like he can be the fix to our team. I always said that we need more loud and obnoxious coaches rather than soft and quiet coaches (Norv anyone?).

“My job is to get these guys excited about what they’re doing,” Manusky said. “Is there Red Bull involved? Yeah. Uptime? Yeah. Two of those and you’re wired." Am I happy to have this guy? Yes, will he bring a new demeanor to our defense? Yes. Can he improve our defense? Absolutely! I can not wait to see what this guy has to offer our defense when the year starts. I feel he is the answer to our problems on defense and soon we will see.

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  1. It hurt to watch the Chargers play this season. The game's that got me were the Week 1 loss to Kansas City and the loss to the Bengals, without T.O. or Ochocinco! Jerome Simpson dominated that game.