Friday, January 28, 2011

The Future of Lovie Smith

Coming into this season Lovie Smith was on a major hot-seat. If he didn't have a winning record he would be out. He had one good year in 2006 and after that he did nothing. This year was his major test to see if the defense would get back to being dominant, and overall if the team could be a winning team. He accomplished both of those goals. I'm not sure what that means for his future now because, Jerry Angelo may have wanted to get rid of him anyone and was looking for a reason. My personal opinion of him is that he needs to be a little more excited about the game, then again him and Jay Cutler are a match made in heaven. Both love the game and are probably very excited and pumped before each game, but they never show their excitement. They have very boring faces. I think he is a good coach, but part of being a coach is yelling and I don't think I have ever seen him yell at someone for doing something wrong.
Don't get me wrong I like him, but I think he has a lot of things that make him different and that can be a good thing at times and a bad thing at other times. He knows how to coach a defense and that's why the Bears got him, because we are a team that thrives on our defense year after year.
So, what will his future look like? I think Jerry Angelo will extend his contract 3 years and if we don't do anything then I think he will fire him. If they did fire him this year they would look ungrateful and no coach would want to go there, so if you are Angelo you should just wait for him to make a big mistake if you really want him out. I think he can do great things with this Bears team, so I think he will be here for a long time and have a successful career with Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, and Brian Urlacher by his side.

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