Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bears Can't Eat Cheese!

   Really, though, they can't, and I'm about to give you a few keys that will make or break the game today.

   The first and probably most unpredictable key to the game is that stupid soldier field that everyone seems to be talking about. If the field is as bad as it has been in past games, then this game has the potential to turn into a really sloppy game. I don't really think that that will happen, though. I think that when the game starts, you will see a couple people slip up, and defenses will play well, but as the game goes along, look for the teams to adjust. I don't think this is going to be high-scoring by any means, and this may help the Bears. However, the Pack have won a soldier field recently.

   The second key is probably more unpredictable than the first. Jay Cutler is the most up-and-down QB of the guys left. He can look great at some points and can just as easily hand the opposing team the game. If Jay plays a good game, the Bears have a chance, but he has to play very well. He can't take that chance, but it is what he will probably do. I think the Pack has the better end in that key. 

   Key number three is the two defenses. Both Ds are great, but one is going to play better than the other. That will be the difference in the game. It's going to be Brian and Julius or it's going to be Charles, Clay, and AJ. Whichever can keep from slipping and create some turnovers will help their team win. I like the Pack in this one because I think they can take advantage of Cutler, but who knows really. This one could go either way.

I know that this is late and all, but I would like to add a prediction to this: 

Packers 21
Bears     17

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