Friday, January 28, 2011

AFC South Bombshell

With the release of the Tennessee Titans longtime head coach Jeff Fisher, the landscape of the AFc South has drastically changed for the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jaguars went into the offseason thinking they would be facing their longtime nemesis.  A foe that has owned this franchise since he took over in 1997.  Many Jaguars fans won't be sad to see him go and may even be happy.  Other than Peyton Manning, no other person in the AFC South has tormented the Jaguars more.  I'm sure after everything blows over, it will be a sad day when the two teams meet in the 2011 season and not see Jeff Fisher on the opposing team sideline.  No one will be yelling "go home Fisher" or "this is our house".  It will be just another day at the Bank for many Jaguars fans.  Many see this rivalry as second only to the Jags-Steelers and it has produced some great games.  For now, we wish Jeff Fisher a fond d'adieu and hope he never coaches in the AFC South again.

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