Monday, May 2, 2011

Will Football be back for 9/11?

With what happened last night, writing about the Bears and some stupid draft crap doesn't seem right. The big thing on a lot of American's minds is whether or not football will be back by September 11th. This year is the 10th anniversary and will be even more special now that the man who planned the attack is dead. Sports are a great way to cope with the feelings that these events bring to people. Having football back will be a must. The way sports and patriotism collide was shown even last night at the Phillies game as they simultaneously started chanting USA USA USA. Having football back will bring people together in one big crowd and will show how much patriotism our country still truly has.

Saying that we want football is not going to solve anything. The owners and players need to realize how greedy both sides are being and come to an agreement. Most of the issues aren't even that important, granted I don't know all the details. My personal opinion is that this greediness is just going to make people mad and not get anything solved. If the people who went on this mission were greedy, someone would have gotten hurt, but they knew that together they can accomplish more. When the two sides try to work together and not argue about everything they will go far and make an agreement in no time.

If both sides truly look at the story and think about how terribly greedy they are being, they will lay down the gloves and make an agreement. Right now it's a fight over who can have more control, but if they meet in the middle they can get a lot more solved.

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