Monday, March 21, 2011

Soldier Field

First I want to say that while other people are blogging about the lockout and can't find ways to be optimistic about the situation, I think that the best way to get through it is too just move on like it's a normal year. Yes, I did post about the lockout last time, but I probably won't again. I don't want to think about it, I'm ignoring the situation, because there is nothing I can do about it. I just hope we have football next year. Okay, my lockout rant of the day is done and on to the real topic I planned on writing about.

Soldier Field is terrible. I love the Bears and I would love to go to Soldier Field anytime during the season to see a game. The grass is the problem. While other teams and fields have switched to some kind of false field, the Bears remain firm in believing that our field should suck. Once again they have said that they won't change it this offseason. The problem is, it's not only hurting the other teams, it's hurting us.

The other teams complain and say that they can't play on such a terribly conditioned field, but the Bears have to play there too. Some teams complain that it gives too much of a home field advantage, but the truth is that our defense and offense probably play better on the road.

While watching games at Soldier Field you see Bears players slipping and falling and you see players from the other team doing the same. It is equal. I agree that it is terrible, but there is not much you can do about it because they won't change it. I'm sure the players don't like it a lot of the time, but right now they don't have much say.

Our defense is deeply hurt by this. We have a very fast defense, but if you go too fast on the grass at Soldier you are going to slip. If you are playing defense and you slip it will probably cost you a touchdown. The Bears can't afford to stick with the grass the way it is now. The defense will be much better than they were before the switch and the offense will be better also. All too often you see Devin Hester or Johnny Knox slip on the grass and then not catch the pass, and the pass could possibly lead to an interception. The field conditions need to be changed.

Bears YouTube Video Of The Day

I am a die-hard Bears fan I still find this very funny. The end is the best, the beginning is a little stupid.

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