Friday, January 21, 2011

Year in Review: Minnesota VIkings

The 2010 Vikings season was one of a kind. There is not one person who could have predicted what this season unfolded. In 2009 when the Vikings were one play away from the Superbowl and many people thought they could somewhat repeat the 12-4 Record. That all went south in a hurry.
No one knew for sure if Pro Bowl QB Brett Favre would return but there was Breaking News that 3 Vikings players went down to Hattiesburg, Mississippi to let Favre know that they need to know if he was going to play again. And like so many people expected, Favre ended back up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The media gets crazy over the whole Favre story so of course they had Breaking News on the TV to say Brett Favre was returning. After that day, all hell broke loose. Percy Harvin collapsed inside the team facility with something to do with one of his Migrane Headaches that hes been suffering since he was 6 years old. A few days later a report came out saying Sidney Rice needed surgery. At that point its like, "you have to be kidding me, right"? Once news broke out Rice could possibly miss half of the season many Vikings fans started to worry, and why not? When you lose a ProBowl WR, its not easy to replace.
Things got worse, in Week 1 against the Saints the Vikings looked like they were trying to run the ball was much as possible because it looked like Favre wasn't in total football shape yet so many of the playcalls were "Vanilla" and easy to read. The Vikings ended up losing and then almost faced a must win the following week against the Dolphins. Favre ended up having a costly fumble in his own Endzone that Miami recovered and ended up winning the game. The Vikings starting 0-2 wasn't expected by many of the people in Minnesota.
The good news was there was still plenty of time to comeback. They played the woeful Lions the following week and Adrian Peterson busted out for 160 yards rushing and a few scores. It was a convincing win and seemed like the Vikings were headed back in the right direction. The following week is when things got strange, not only for the Vikings but for Brett Favre. A report was out that Brett Favre had "Sexting Allegations" with Jenn Sterger, former Jets cheerleader. Then as soon as that news is out theres more Breaking News that the Vikings acquired Randy Moss in a trade for the Patriots. First reaction was why the Patriots would give him up in the first place, but the Vikings clearly needed all the help it could get at WR with Sidney Rice still injured.
The Vikings visited the Jets on Monday Night Football and ended up losing late in the game because of a costly Favre pick 6 with a few minutes left. Vikings went on to a 1-3 record. Vikings would beat Dallas to go 2-3 then visit Favres former Packers in another Primetime Road Matchup. Favre was getting hit and throwing awful passes that resulted in 3 Interceptions. Favre tired to rally the troops late but threw a pass a tad high to Harvin that just missed being a Touchdown and the final play threw a strike to Moss, but it looked like Moss gave up on it. Childress wasn't too pleased about that.
Moss then returned to the Patriots the following week and looked like the exact same thing happend, he gave up on a ball Favre threw. The very next week Randy Moss was flat out released. The Vikings had basically just wasted a 3rd round pick for nothing and the fans were upset. Fans found out Head Coach Brad Childress was the one who made the decision. A few weeks later, after a 31-3 thumping at Home to the rival Green Bay Packers, the Vikings Fired Brad Childress and promoted DC Leslie Frazier. The Vikings would go on to win the next 2 games and Favre ended up giving the game ball to replacement Coach Frazier.
After that, things only got stranger. Breaking News once again from Minneapolis that the Dome of the Metrodome had collapsed overnight, Postponing the New York Giants/Minnesota Vikings tilt schedule for Noon Central Time. Whats crazy about that is the Giants weren't even in Minnesota yet because they were stranded in a Kansas City Airport due to Weather delays throughout the Midwest. The game was postponed to a Monday Night on the Road at Ford Field, where the Vikings would get boo'd by the crowd in what was an actual Home Game.
The following week the Vikings couldn't have the Metrodome ready in time so they would have to play outdoors at the U of M Gopher Football stadium at TCF Bank Stadium. The Vikings would go on to get routed by the rival Bears, understandable it seems. The Vikings were exhausted by everything that had gone on to at that point. Things got worse when QB Brett Favre had got hit and had a Concussion, making him leave the game for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and that was the last play Favre made in the NFL.
The following week there was more Breaking News that the Vikings/Eagles game would get Postponed to a Tuesday Night, the first game since 1946. Everything was set for an Eagles route with the high powered Eagles offense at home in nicer conditions and the Vikings looking like they were ready for the offseason by this point. The Vikings responded with Rookie QB/WR Joe Webb having a very nice debut as a Starter by rushing for a Michael Vick type Touchdown and the Vikings defense stepped up for what it semed like the first time all season to edge the Eagles on the Primetime Night.
The Vikings would end up losing the final game of the season to the Lions who looked like they were improving. The Vikings ended the season with over 5 guys on Injured Reserve, Text Message Allegations, a Coached being Fired, a Roof Collapse, a new Coach taking over, a Trade that went bad and a dismal 6-10 Record and 4th place in the NFC North. As they always say in the NFL, there is parity. Sometimes you have no idea what a new season will bring.

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