Monday, January 17, 2011

Jay Cutler: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

First, I want to say hello to everyone out there reading this blog. This is my first time posting. Okay, now onto the Bears and Jay Cutler.
The thing about Jay Cutler is that he has one of the strongest arms in the League. He just doesn't have the footwork to make himself one of the best quarterbacks. If in the next few years he somehow gets motivated enough to work on footwork and he gets it. He will become one of the best quarterbacks and you better lookout because the Bears are going to be a great team.
Jay Cutler can have a game where he throws 5 interceptions and have just a terrible game. Then, the next week he can go play a better team and throw 5 touchdowns. Thats the way Jay Cutler plays. The big thing with Jay Cutler is that his game at this point in his career is mostly based on confidence. If he has low confidence he will throw interceptions, if he has a really high confidence he will throw interceptions. The games where he throws none his confidence level is perfect. He knows that it isn't all him that it takes to win. Thats why last year the Jay Cutler thing didn't work. The Bears were trying to make him do all the work. That's not going to work with Jay Cutler, because then his confidence will be high and he will throw a pick and then it will sink all the way down. The Bears have to treat Jay Cutler like he is bipolar. Look for the good days and hope he has a good day. I know thats no way to run a football team, but thats the way it is with Jay Cutler. Thats why after the bye during the regular season we got better. Mike Martz figured Cutler out and said okay, we need to run the ball more. Not because Cutler is bad, but we need to run it more so that play action is a factor and so that we aren't one dimensional. Now we have an effective offense that marches down the field, but if Johnny Knox is open down the field Cutler will throw it to him. The secret for Jay Cutler is that he should not force the ball to his receivers. I think in the second half of the season he has done that, and yesterday with two rushing touchdowns he showed that, too.
Jay Cutler might not be the best quarterback in the league. He will make mistakes. I know that, but he is the Bears quarterback. So, because he is the Bears quarterback, one of the most important positions on the team, I trust him with this team. Whatever happens I trust him to lead.

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