Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bears in the Pro Bowl

The Two Bears players that are starters in the Pro Bowl are Julius Pepper and of course, Devin Hester. I'm going to talk about each players season and why they deserve to be in the Pro Bowl and starting like they are. First is Devin Hester.
Hester had a great season this year. He had a good rookie year and then it seemed like people had figured him out and he went slow for the next two years. Now this year he is back in his rhythm and is taking back kicks all the time. He has obviously been the the best this season, and because of his performance this season, he is being considered as the G.O.A.T at returning kicks. I don't think he is quite there yet, but maybe. He had a great season and anyone who argues that he doesn't deserve to be a starter in the Pro Bowl has no brain.
Now onto Peppers. I think he had a great season. His numbers didn't show very well that he did, but if you watched all the games you could see that he got to the quarterback a lot. He was key in stopping vick, because he could actually run to keep up with Vick, to an extent. He has been a great addition to the Bears defense that is already a great defense. He is a fast, athletic and strong defensive lineman and that is what makes him great. He can do it all. Yet again if you don't think he deserves it look at the tape and get a brain.

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